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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Information about company?

Ans: All the information about Company, Legal, Contact details listed on website. Please check while before registration of your account

2. How to registered with 3XBit?

Ans: To get registered with us please goto signup section of the website, Submit all the required information and hit submit.

3. I have username but i lost my password?

Ans: To get your login password please find forgot password link on signin page, Enter your registered username and get your password at no time.

1. How do i find my account statistics?

Ans: After login to your affiliate dashboard. All affiliate income statistics given on affiliate default page including your bonus and hardware purchased details too.

2. How to change profile details and change password?

Ans: After login to your affiliate panel, Please find "Edit profile" tab under "Account setting" section to edit your profile.
Change password tab is also listed below the edit profile tab.

3. How do i get my bonus statistics?

Ans: After login to your affiliate panel, Please find "Bonus type" tab under "Bonus section" to view the statistics of your bonus.

1. How to buy Mining Products?

Ans: Please find the Purchase product tab under Hardware buy section. Choose the hardware cost to be purchased and hit submit. Page will redirect you to payment gateway and after payment confirmation you will receive an successful purchase email

2. How many hardware affiliate can buy from one account?

Ans: Affiliate can buy 2 hardware products from one account.

3. Is there any other payment option to buy the hardware?

Ans: No. We accept bitcoin payments.

1. When can i withdraw my mining profits.?

Ans: As soon as you see the amount of $5 into your Mining section you can withdraw it any time.

2. What are the deductions for withdrawals?

Ans: Mining withdrawal deductions are 15% for the amount which is withdrawn,

3. How long it take time to reflect the withdrawal amount?

Ans: It takes 24 to 48 working hours.